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Oct. 18-29

Virtual Influencer Shaping Guide│Advance Deployment of Corporate Spokespersons

Practical workshop


From VTuber character design, seiyuu, MoCap motion capture, scripting, to virtual studio implementation, 4 "We Media Required Courses" that enterprises must learn, using existing IP or tailor-made planning from scratch, teach you to create a company or The best virtual celebrity spokesperson for personal brand, catch up with the latest and most eye-catching trend, use VTuber to move people's hearts and tell a good brand story for you, come and deploy VTuber spokespersons ahead of time through practical workshops, In place once!

▶ Event dates: 2022/10/18, 10/22, 10/25, 10/29   09:30-16:30 (24 hours in total)

▶ Venue: Animator Creation Base (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Daan District, Taipei City),Virtual influencer base(4F, Complex Building, No. 40, Section 3, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City)

▶ Event fee: RMB 4,200, limited to 12 people.

▶ Note: Each company that is a member of the Animation Special Effects Association can enjoy 1 "free" participation, and must pay a cash deposit of 4,200 yuan in cash, and must attend the whole process. After the event, it will be refunded without interest.

Directed by

Events Agenda

The workshop is not limited to the same person in the whole course. It is recommended that each unit can be assigned to the relevant personnel of the company to participate in, so as to maximize the benefits.

10/18 (Tue) 09:30-16:30
Animation Creator Base

10/22 (Sat) 09:30-16:30
Virtual influencer base

10/25 (Tuesday) 09:30-16:30
Animation Creator Base

10/29 (Sat) 09:30-16:30
Animation Creator Base

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Creation and application of virtual characters

live streaming teaching,Character motion capture implementation

scripting teaching,Application of VTuber in "Enterprise We Media"

Virtual character voice and body performance,IP Marketing Script Implementation

講者介紹  Speaker



擅長多種風格 2D、3D 風格人物插畫及素描,如寫實風格、日系動漫、美系風格,接觸過的專案有三國群英傳、超魔導大戰、風色幻想等。曾擔任廣州易幻港台美術主管,做各種大型宣傳美術輸出,以及內部員工指導訓練等,也曾作為 2017 妖怪手錶特展主美術。

Workshop Introduction  Introduction

Day 1

Creation and application of virtual characters


2D Japanese Anime Character Design

Lecturer: 2D artist


Talking about the general situation of Japanese animation character drawing, guide students to first establish overall understanding and concepts, and then learn how to judge the needs of the project and determine the appropriate style. The course will cover from "professional character design and presentation skills", "head and facial features drawing techniques", "Mastering the human body structure", and "drawing three views" and other aspects are introduced one by one, so as to understand the design key points and error-prone forbidden areas that should be paid attention to when planning the virtual spokesperson of the enterprise.

▻▻ Suitable for: Marketing planning department, art designer, animation production department


FBX character conversion program tutorial

Instructor: Vtuber Professional 3D Modeler


If you don't have a ready-made avatar to act as a VTuber spokesperson, you can actually create it quickly through software, saving valuable time and cost! This unit will give a detailed description of the "Quick Corner Creation Software", fully introduce the current VRM character application (VRM is a 3D model format that Japan has strongly recommended in the VR/VTuber field in recent years), and finally demonstrate how to convert existing characters and operate them in practice. Courses may use free software such as UNITY and VROID.

​▻▻ Applicable objects: art designers, animation production departments

日本 VTuber 冬守雫的問候與邀請

日本 VTuber 冬守雫的問候與邀請

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