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3D animation Modeling Training

A truly professional "3D modeling animator" is easier than you think!


Whether it's charming character modeling or cool object scenes,3D modelingIt is often the field that animation freshmen want to learn the most for the first time. However, modeling is not the more and finer the wiring, the better. In the production process, the modeling animator bears the heavy responsibility of inheriting the future. In addition to mastering the essence of early art design, the production methods such as model wiring, mouth shape, and human texture also deeply affect the production fluency and calculation of subsequent Rigging or other departments. Efficiency can be said to move the whole body. How to balance the beauty of appearance and production efficiency? This training class will teach the practical experience value of the industry one by one and never keep it private.

After completing the training, complete the personal Show Reel, obtain the certificate of the association, and participate in the joint employment interview of the association members to become a powerful 3D modeling animator that can really be used by the industry.

summer training

Course Info

Suitable for: High school students (inclusive) and above, those without experience in 3D software operation can

Class location: R218, Computer Classroom, 2F, Animation Creator Base (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Daan District, Taipei City)MAP

Class Date: 2022/8/15~10/17 Weekdays Monday, Friday, 09:30~16:30 (The actual training date is subject to the class schedule)

Class hours: about 156 hours in total (excluding practical practice hours)

Enrollment: limited to 12 enrollments


Course Fees: ​

The course price is 28,600 yuan, and the special price is 12,800 yuan. Those who register two weeks before the start of the course can enjoy the early bird price 8,600 yuan.

※Association members can participate in the training "for free", and must pay a deposit of 8,600   yuan, and the training will be refunded if the attendance rate exceeds 90%.

Admissions briefing session: 2022/8/2 (Tuesday) 15:00-17:00 pm

Classroom R218, 2F, Animation Creator Base (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Daan District, Taipei City)MAP

Synchronized online briefing session google meet, please fill out the briefing session registration form to get the video conference link, thank you!



More than 15 years in the industry

Qualified Senior Lecturer

From animation pipeline 

Study industry project management

Specially designed for animation companies

Demand Planning Course

Training and employment counseling &

Association company priority interview



Foundation Course 18 hrs

  • Get to know the MAYA interface / learn how to use shortcut keys

  • Make objects and experience the entire animation production process from models, textures, lights, etc.

  • Learn about industry project management


Advanced Course 102 hrs

  • Model making process

  • Interpret customer needs, how to make a Model from a design draft or an image

  • How to collect useful information and organize

  • Basic Human Anatomy and Training Human Sketching

  • Explain the function of making Model in MAYA

  • Use of NUB tools

  • Deform tool application

  • Polygon basic principle explained

  • Model is associated with Rigging

  • Human face and human wiring are related to human texture

  • Precautions for Making Mouth Shapes and Blend Shapes

  • Precautions and essentials for interviews and production of personal works


​Demo Reel  36 hrs

This stage of the course mainly focuses on making personal Demo Reel. There is no class arrangement. The tutor will complete the personal portfolio for the individual tutoring of the students. The key points of the course are:

  • Students need to think actively and discuss with the teacher how to present the work

  • Students must take the initiative to ask the teacher questions about their own works

  • Develop the habit of discussing among classmates


Training and employment counseling

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