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Advanced Charactor Animation


The Animation Special Effects Association plans the first round of the "Animator Advanced Course", and invited the founder of Gogo Animation, Erik, who is an important promoter of the cute and playful pug dog's original animation [George]. Erik specializes in animation character performance. This course He will impart his life-long skills and rich practical experience, and lead the students to study animation performance in depth. Through solid homework drills, students will be able to transform the most fascinating essence of animation performance into animation strength that cannot be replaced by others.



Course Info

✦ Class Date: 2022/08/13-2022/09/24 Every Saturday 13:00-17:00

✦ Class hours: 24 hrs

✦ Class location: Animation Creator Base (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Daan District, Taipei City)MAP

✦ Suitable for: Students of the Association Character Animation Training Course, Maya animators with 1~3 years of experience,On-the-job training for animators.

✦ Course fee: priced at 4,400 yuan, early bird 2,200 yuan two weeks before the start of the course

    ▸▸ Association members can enjoy free class discounts(Deposit of RMB 2,200 is required, and will be refunded if the attendance rate reaches 90%)  


1. 熱愛動畫又不怕文字工作的人
2. 從事文字相關工作一到兩年的人
3. 愛看小說散文的人,自信天馬行空又不怕文字工作的一改再改
4. 入行實拍編劇工作一到兩年的新手編劇


◍ 概念課程
>  故事設計概念
>  動畫特性的故事設計
>  台灣原創動畫產業眼中的優質編劇
>  當你面對分集或分場,所有你必須認知的事
>  針對不同 TA 不同市場不同類型,你所必須知道的執行概念


◍ 實作課程
>  從集到分場實作
>  從分場到劇本實作


Li Yongrui​

Founder of Gogo Animation and Director of Animation Production



Graduated from Academy of Art University, majoring in character animation performance, has many years of animation production experience, worked as a senior animator of CGCG and Light Chaser Animation Studios, production director of TAIKO Studios, and founded Gogo Animation in 2020.




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