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Animator Advanced Courses

Advanced Charactor Animation

24hrs to take your animation performance to the PRO level

The Animation Special Effects Association plans the first round of the "Animator Advanced Course", and invited the founder of Gogo Animation, Erik, who is an important promoter of the cute and playful pug dog's original animation [George]. Erik specializes in animation character performance. This course He will impart his life-long skills and rich practical experience, and lead the students to study animation performance in depth. Through solid homework drills, students will be able to transform the most fascinating essence of animation performance into animation strength that cannot be replaced by others.

Course Info

✦ Class Date: 2022/08/13-2022/09/24 Every Saturday 13:00-17:00

✦ Class hours: 24 hrs

✦ Class location: Animation Creator Base (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Daan District, Taipei City)MAP

✦ Suitable for: Students of the Association Character Animation Training Course, Maya animators with 1~3 years of experience,On-the-job training for animators.

✦ Course fee: priced at 4,400 yuan, early bird 2,200 yuan two weeks before the start of the course

    ▸▸ Association members can enjoy free class discounts(Deposit of RMB 2,200 is required, and will be refunded if the attendance rate reaches 90%)  


exhibitors__Go Go Studios. Ltd. Inc_logo.png

Gogo Animation was established in Taipei in 2020 by its founder, Erik, with the ambition to create life-oriented high-quality animations that bring joy and inspiration to the lives of audiences.Gogo Animation focuses on the development of international Taiwanese original animations, and currently there are original animations such as [George] under continuous development.

Founded by Erik in 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan, Go Go Studios is committed to creating fun and quality animation inspired by everyday life.

Course Outline

Each class is divided into 2 hours of teaching, 2 hours of demonstration and homework review

Animation Basics 1

Controlling the action time and rhythm is the soul of animation, and mastering extrusion, stretching and buffering is the key element of performance tension. Maya Graphic editor basic knowledge and usage, and through three different weight bouncing ball exercises and happy emotional pose, to further learn these very important animation laws.

▻▻Animation Law Learning Points: Time control Timing and spacing,   Slow in/out,     squeeze and stretch Squash and Stretch

animation performance 1

The exaggeration beyond reality and the wonderful presentation of things that cannot be done in real life are exactly what makes animation fun!The performance introduction will lead students to master the key to emotional transformation and blocking.Including character performance and how to convey emotions.

▻▻Animation Law Learning Points: Exaggerated Exaggeration, Attractive Appeal

Advanced Animation Knowledge 2

Using a lot of anticipation and additional actions to convey hints of what is about to happen can not only increase the richness of the performance and bring small surprises, but also guide the audience to integrate into the plot as arranged. The course will teach  Polishing makes essentials, and in the performance introduction example lets students do frustrating Pose exercises through prep homework.

▻▻Animation Laws Learning Points: Anticipation of Anticipation,  Secondary Action, Staging

Advanced Animation Knowledge 1

CG animation inherits the spirit of traditional animation, stop-frame production, and it is very important to learn the correct production method of consecutive actions and key actions! Instructor will demonstrate  Spline production points, requiring students to practice impersonal walking and angry pose exercises,Find out the problems encountered in the past production,Make animation performance smoother.

▻▻Learning Key Points for Animation Laws: Continuation Actions and Key Actions Straight ahead action/ pose to pose

Animation Basics 2

If the animation is not an arc action, it is difficult to streamline and natural, and the following action and overlapping action are the key points to increase the fineness of details in animation production.Start the preparations before turning on the computer, how to shoot and use reference videos (Reference) and Blocking production points, and practice pendulum, fist and sad pose.
▻▻Learning points of animation law: arc arc, overlapping action and following action Overlapping/Follow through

Animation show 2

The final kill of the courseTips and Tricks for Insiders, including how to be more labor-saving or smart to avoid pitfalls during the production process. Of course, there will be small assignments to improve skills through emotional transformation and polishing exercises.

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