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Animator Advanced Courses

Birds and beasts Animation

Practical analysis of animal fine animation performance


When learning 3D animation, everyone must have learned the walk cycle, but the number of feet and bones of animals are different, and the way of walking is different. How should animals walk? How can the movement be integrated into the performance display, so that it can be vivid and truly "lively"? The Animation Special Effects Association plans the second round of the "Animators Advanced Courses", and invites senior animators lecturers to help the animators overcome the concept and practical skills of getting stuck, through the introduction of birds and quadrupeds performances and actual combat drills , so that you can practice the skills of various animal performances at ordinary times, and when you encounter a project, you can take it calmly and let your animation strength be greatly improved!


Course Information

✦ Class Date: 2022/10/02-2022/11/13 Every Sunday 09:30-16:30

✦ Class hours: 36 hrs

✦ Class location: Animation Creator Base (No. 177, Section 1, Jianguo South Road, Daan District, Taipei City)MAP

✦ Suitable for: Students of the Association Character Animation Training Course, Maya animators with 1~3 years of experience,On-the-job training for animators. (limit of 12)

✦ Course fee: priced at 6,600 yuan, early bird 3,600 yuan two weeks before the start of the course

▸▸ Association members can enjoy free class discounts

(A security deposit of RMB 3,600 must be paid, and it will be refunded without interest after completing the training and submitting the works)  



Fish Hung


3D-model, texture, layout, animation
2D-BG painting, character design, graphic design
children art education


  • CGCG Creation Institute - Teacher

  • Weten Technology Corp - Animation Director

  • Cheer Digiart Inc - Animation Director

  • Garage Image - Animator

  • CGCG - Animator

Course Outline

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya_edited

Quadruped Anatomy

The bones and muscles of quadrupeds are completely different from those of bipeds. We will analyze and discuss the front and rear legs, spine, head and tail of quadrupeds, and make more changes to the center of gravity, the laws of motion, and the movement patterns of each part. detailed discussion

▻▻ Learning Objective: Quadruped Limb Structure and Movement

Water Birds_edited.jpg

bird anatomy

The limbs of birds are very different from those of quadrupeds. How to make birds fly in the sky requires understanding of the structure and movement of birds' limbs. There is also a combination of aerodynamics and laws of motion in order to understand the profound meaning of flight.

▻▻ Learning Objective: Bird Limb Structure and Movement

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