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ACG Ecosphere Connection Press Conference

The Chairman of AVA Mr. Bruce Yao (the left), The President of the Board of Taiwan Creative Content Agency Ms. Ding Xiao Jing (middle) and the Director of Social Community Department of the Gamer web-site Mr. Pan Jun Wei. (the right)

Taiwan’s animation & special effects industry has always had sufficient creative energy. Many internationally renowned animations are produced by Taiwan’s animation studios. In recent years, the special effects industry has getting more and more attention from the market demand. But as the final proceeding of the production pipeline, they often getting ignored in the discussion of the early stage of production, it made more effort to execute the content work under the situation of urgent schedule and the budget excluded. In recent years, in response to the popularization of mobile devices and the development of new media platforms, There are more opportunities in the film and TV related visual industries taking on the international market. Relatively speaking, the industry have to face international market competition.

There isn’t any credible organization to promote the development of the animation & special effects industry along way. The Animation & Special Effects Association was established under this background. It is a platform for the pan-animation and special effects industry, which brings together business teams and studios in all aspects of animation and special effects. In addition to integrating industry forces to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s animation and VFX works in the international market, we also would like to share experience and information between industries to enhance the commercial value of our production works. And further internationalized of the creative content, improving the animation & special effects industry good cycle system. We are working closely in the international animation investment program with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency. The program is meant to promote Taiwan original animation production into the global content supply chain, and attract more investors’ attention. AVA is looking forward to lead Taiwan animation & special effects business reaching the peak of this new media wave.

At this establish meeting, many outstanding Taiwanese animation studios such as Dottodot Aniamtion, Engine Studios, Hytree Studio, Black Sheep, Animation, Motion M VFX, Xanthus Animation Studio, TWR Entertainment, Movect Studios; they were offering the original IP productions to participate this grant-join event. TAICCA and AVA are working together with the goal of integrating the animation and special effects industry in Taiwan. We will create the original Taiwan animation Ips with the government support and establish the "Taiwan Animation & Special Effects National Team".


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