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Taiwan was a highly produced sub-contracting animation work country in the early days, but with the transformation of the industry; the market, the capital and the talents were outflowed. Although the special effects industry has received more and more attention in response to market demand in recent years, as the end of the production process of the film and television industry, it is often impossible to participate in the discussion in the early stage of production. As a result, it is often  to execute the tasks with more effort when the budget cannot be improved.

In recent years, in response to the popularity of mobile devices and the development of new media platforms; film and television-related industries have more and more opportunities standing on the international stage; relatively speaking, the industry must also face international market competition. The Animation and VFX Association is an industry association established under this background. This is Taiwan-based animation and VFX industry platform which is gathering the teams and enterprises in  animation and special effects. In addition to improving competitiveness in the international market, and the association also hope to achieve the goal of solidly built industry through the sharing of experiences and information exchanges between other industries.

After the establishment of the association, in addition to the vertical integration of the industry chain from research & development, production, distribution, and broadcast; it also perform the function of two-way interactive communication between industry and academia, and talent education. Internally, it uses information synchronization, knowledge synchronization, experience synchronization, direction synchronization and network connection synchronization to increase mutual cooperation opportunities, and reduce the trial and error and exploration time of in our animation and special effects industries, and also become a dialogue bridge between government authority and industries; we also act as the links in the relevant resources from abroad to promote international cooperation. From joint research on co-production, animation, case acceptance, and agency, to enhance the international and sales of Taiwan’s animation and special effects industry. From joint research on co-production, animation production, project execution, and authorization, to enhance the international place and value of Taiwan’s animation and special effects industry.

Finally, as a small island country, Taiwan has the technology and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. We also have an endless of creative energy. We are looking forward to integrate the resources and industry strength to make the industry steps toward the positive way. We would like Taiwan animation and special effects industries having a better chance to shine on the international stage.


Talents Planting for Taiwan Animation and VFX industry

One of the missions of the Animation & VFX Association AVA (Taiwan) is to connect the gaps in animation special effects technology, so that the younger generation can take on the professional attitude and aesthetic persistence of Taiwan’s animation industry, and introduce the latest foreign computer graphics technology to Taiwan , To cultivate the power of the new generation.


Establish a resource sharing platform for our association members

Integrate the domestic and abord industrial resources and technical guidance, so that all association members can get the latest industry information and technology, as well as the other related information like government support and  corporate investment. With the further the effective communication and resource sharing of association members, it shall allow our animation & VFX companies no longer feel alone and weak in the international market.


Dialogue with the government and international organizations on behalf of Taiwan’s animation & VFX industry

Establish a good and efficient communication channel with the government to obtain more substantive support, such as broadcasting ratio, subsidy scope, tax reduction, etc. AVA also would like build the consensus of the animation industry in Taiwan to strive for more resources of creation. We hope our members will produce the higher-quality original animation for Taiwan’s film and television content.

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