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Profession Meeting at Moonshine Animation Studio

The President Ms. Tsai Ing-wen, The Minister of Education Mr. Pan Wen Zhong. Photo Credit: Moonshine Animation Studio.

President Tsai Ing-wen and Minister of Education Pan Wenzhong visited Moonshine Animation Studio. The visit itinerary included: understanding Moonshine's production works, R&D technology, office environment and internship plan. Many AVA membersalso participated in the visit and carried out in-industry sharing activities. Participating members : TWR Entertainment Inc., Grass Jelly Studio, Aries Creative Studio, Film Tailor Studio, Kent Animation Production.

Moonshine animation productions include "League of Legends: League of Leagues: Wild Rift", "Fairy Sphere", "Dragon Nest", "Moondream Reality Immersive Theater", "Luxury Light and Shadow Exhibition", and special effects for movie productions "The Bridge Curse" and VFX works for TWR Entertainment Inc. : "Monster Hunt", "The Tag-Along" series, "Whistleblower", "Over Again", Hollywood masterpiece "Mighty Morphine Power Rangers" and "Mayday Life 3D". The commercial production for Grass Jelly which included: Google, Unilever, Mercedes-Benz, etc., and also cooperate with many Asian superstars in MV: Namie Amuro, A-Mei, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Stefanie Sun, Sodagreen, Mayday, Wu Bai, Zhang Liangying and Wu Mochou; And Aries Creation productions works include "Omi Sky", "Taichung Taste" and the co-produced "Brave Animation Series"; Film Tailor visual special effects works include "How to Train Our Dragon", "We Are Champions", "Little Big Women", "Tears on Fire"; Kent animation works include "Nanliao Fishing Port-Hsinchu Fisherman's Wharf", "New Perfect Two

“ animation opening sequence, "Fruity Pie- The Latest 3D Opening Theme"....

The President Ms. Tsai Ing Wen and The Minister of Education Mr. Pan Wen Zhong visited Moonshine Animation Studio.

The government continues to support the animation industry through "digital construction.". And The Ministry of Education will also build more bridges for industry-university cooperation, to accelerate the cultivation of a new generation,adding new blood into the industry. The animation industry is a field full of creativity and vitality. We are expecting all of the animation and VFX studios working together to irrigate Taiwan’s animation industry.


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